Social Media's Value Proposition

Guest Post by Clare Munn

I have always been a big believer in EQ and IQ, and as I got older I realized I needed a bridge between the two, and therefore have called this CQ. C is for Connect or Collaborate or Communicate.
It’s one thing having emotional intelligence as it allows one to feel, be intuitive and aware, and it’s another to have intellectual curiosity and intellectual capital.
However, neither necessarily mean you have the ability to communicate your intuition/feelings or your intellect effectively. And if you aren’t effective in the communication around either EQ or IQ there is is no outcome for sustainable connection or collaboration.

I believe social media allows us to have all 3: IQ, CQ and EQ. A circular, dynamic, mobile and participatory conversation with the ability to interconnect with other conversations through push and pull abilities. Therefore creating relevant and timely communication.

Yes, I like CQ. Do you? I am in the midst of writing a book on this subject, if you’d like to comment, the best comments/thoughts will be included in the book with your permission and name reference.