Lori R Taylor

CEO Rev Media Marketing LLC

Alasdair is the real deal. Compared to the so many so-called social media gurus out there, he shines! He is a branding expert with deep knowledge of the social media space. Recently we had a competitor go after our client through a blog, and because our social media strategy was so transparent and ethical, there was simply no dirt to dish. Alasdair is one of the rare individuals who says what he does and does what he says. He has tremendous patience and vision. You’d be lucky to have him as part of your campaign! (Did I mention he was brilliant too?)

Deborah Pardes

Owner at Mentl Music and Media Productions

“It’s exciting to work with Alasdair because he brings something new the table in almost every situation. People say social media trends are happening so fast – it’s hard keep up. Alasdair proves that you can not only understand trends and smartly apply to strategy, but you can also anticipate the next trends coming and make forward-thinking decisions that are pretty spectacular. His humor always comes in handy too. Ask him to tell you the octopus joke.”

Geoff Perrott

Sustainable Business Analyst. Cape Town.

“Alasdair’s approach was just what our company needed. He had innovation, technical know-how, creativity and a passion for his work. Mostly, though, it was the way in which he conceptualised a tailor-made solution to our particular problem that impressed me. He puts a great deal of care and effort into his work and always seems to adopt a holistic point of view in his assignments. His ability to listen, gain knowledge of a particular situation, understand the implications and influences and then creatively present a range of options is a great differentiator for his business. He draws on his wealth of experience in developing customer focussed and targeted solutions. He has an ability to make people feel at ease and delivers a highly professional product. He never compromised on quality and he has a strong ethical culture which permeates his work and dealings with his clients.

Alasdair’s personal touches and enthusiasm for delivering a service make him a pleasure to deal with on every level. He keeps to deadlines and has excellent range of communication skills. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the results of his work and believe his skill, innovative and holistic approach, attention to detail, quality and professionalism make him and his work a powerful addition to any forward-thinking company.”
Salvador Acevado

Principle Contemporanea

Alasdair is a strategic thinker that never loses track of who is the most important person at the table: the customer. He doesn’t see the customer as the person who buys something though, but the real person whose life could be improved by the human contact and the communication process that occurs at every interaction. Multiculturalism is something he not only gets, but he has a vision for a multicultural world where technology is key. And to top it all, he knows how to get a good laugh!

Eryn Hales

Senior Project Manager

Alasdair has been a true mentor and inspiration to work with. Under his guidance, I had the extraordinary opportunity to join him in building tcg’s propitiatory interview and analysis platform: Power Profiling. Executing this platform for a variety of B2B and B2C clients, I watched him effortlessly morph into a topic expert for each project. This ability not only rooted client confidence for the project kickoff, but also enabled thoughtful, dynamic conversations with actual industry experts being interviewed. Distilling masses of information, Alasdair always highlighted the strengths of his team, extracted the most valuable strategic insights, redefined them to the overarching goals and guided both the client and internal design/developer teams with a smart, actionable strategic vision. (a robust but very accurate sentence!)”