This photo was taken by tomsaint11

I am in the process of packaging my content into neat little … boxes for my move. This will be my new home. I have done a little decorating, choosing colour schemes, decor, hanging pictures and figuring out what goes in what room.

As with any move, it takes a while for all the boxes to be unpacked and for everything to run smoothly. But, the process has started, the removal van is on standby and this is already starting to look like home.

As well as an aggregation of my favourite past blogs, I am writing and having conversations here about social media (surprise). Because social media is an eco-system, with each individual sector having to perform at the top of its game in the context of the integrated whole, concentrating on one niche at the expense of others is difficult to do. Having said that, Enterprise Web 2.0 is my thing. I feel comfortable in this arena.

My posts centre around this topic, meandering through the entire eco-system along the way. Central to understanding Enterprise Web 2.0 is understanding social media, social software and the tools and technologies that lie, often hidden, behind it all.

My view of sustainability is aligned to my view of social media and so naturally I talk about that too. As well as sustainability being an integrated eco-system, it also shares its four pillars with social media. Environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability underlies all successful social media efforts.

I look forward to the conversations

Photo credit tomsaint11 @flickr