Social Tools Redefine History Telling

Until recently history has been written by the victors. Those who have seized power and control the media.

Today, we see the democratisation of content through the use of social and collaboration tools. Social networks and crowdsourcing tools provide the platforms. Digital tools such as the mobile phone, portable cameras and 3G/4G allow the story to not only be told by all participants, but also be witnessed by anyone.

It does not stop there, it is no longer a one way flow of information either. Often it is the visible reaction to content and the ability to quickly mobilise action that creates the movement.

It is no longer the victors that define history, or create a version of reality. This creates an uneasy balance of power which we are seeing in places like Egypt and Venezuela. Time is the only judge when it comes to how this will shape communities, countries and the world. However, we are witnessing a major shift in how we define democracy and governance.