Author: Alasdair Munn

I have been thinking about the latest trends for using social media.

Through participating in twitter chats like #smchat and #innochat I have been spotting some trends. Another huge area of learning for me has been looking at how people in situations where resources are limited, are approaching social media tools, technology and context. Several things have become obvious.

  • The new generation are simply using technology to discover new ways to re-purpose old behaviours. Everyone gets lost in the tools. They think they are inventing something new, yet, if we take an objective approach, and study human behaviour, we can see there is little that is actually new, just different approaches.
  • The disconnect between business and social media evangelists rests in the inability for the two to speak the same language. Fixing number 1 above will assist in bridging this gap.
  • Social media is a social science, not IT. Taking a behavioural approach and understanding how people work within communities, within cultures, at work, at play and within themselves has to be a starting point. The other is understanding objectives, purpose and resources.
  • Technology and software are no longer the barriers. Even in the most remote and technology unfriendly locations, current technology solutions and open source software can be adapted to meet the local resources and needs. The greater stumbling blocks are context, content, purpose and revenue models.
  • Keeping your eye on the bottom line and seeking a profit generating model is not greed, it is an essential and valid way of ensuring a project is sustainable and can reach its objectives. This does not loose sight of the fact that there needs to be authenticity, transparency and truth.

This year I continue to study people. I will trust my entrepreneurial experience and I will be driven by purpose, objectives, context, available resources and sustainability.

What drives you in 2010?

Photo by Howard Gee