Author : Alasdair Munn

tcg: The Communication Group

Paul Likes Pics

For the past few months I have been writing about a vision of social media where social networks are not the only playing fields and where social media’s place within the marketing mix does not exist entirely within “online promotion”.

Understanding that people have different learning styles and different starting points, I used pen, paper and elementary venn diagrams in a meeting with “traditional” marketers to illustrate where the “online” and “social media” elements fit into their marketing world.

Although simplistic and elementary, they helped them get over their initial block as to the “why, where and how” of social media.

Writing down the “five P’s of marketing” I asked them to circle where they saw social media having a role to play within the marketing mix. Below is a tidied up representation of what they produced.


Taking the same “five P’s” I added my interpretation of where social media tools and thinking apply to the marketing mix.


This opened up the discussion as to how an integrated marketing plan, using “traditional” and “new” tools adds value to an organisation. It was able to break down the resistance to social media. After further discussion, they could see how having access to real-time information and knowledge adds value when used in conjunction with retrospective measurement and information gathering tools. It also allowed the penny to drop that opening up and fostering collaboration and engagement can actually help grow an organisations IP, not loose it.