This photo was taken by tomsaint11

This photo was taken by tomsaint11

Author : Alasdair Munn

Reading all the comments and articles about the 15 year old Intern at Morgan Stanely and his research report has me scratching my head.

I am not belittling “Matthew Robson’s” efforts, or suggesting that his report is not worth anything. In fact I applaud him and his contribution.

What does concern me is the hype and wonderment surrounding the “uniqueness” of this report and the suggestion of brilliance on the part of Morgan Stanely for publishing it.

No longer is marketing viewed as an eco-system of identifying, anticipating and satisfying needs. Instead we engage tactics, techniques and a “push” mentality.

If asking an audience how they behave, how they communicate and how they navigate technology is seen as groundbreaking, the financial district in London, and by all means, further afield urgently need to be brought up to date.

This can only be good news for integrated marketing professionals who like to ask questions.

Photo by Tomsaint11