The four pillars to sustainability;

  • Economic
  • Environment
  • Culture
  • Social

Sustainability is an approach, not a goal. In the interests of balance and continued best practice, a sustainable approach is essential. The most efficient way to change the way we consume is to change the way we produce. In order to change the way we produce we need to ensure the benefits of changing are reaching all four of the pillars.

We can fall into the trap of thinking to optimize one of the pillars means we have to take from another pillar. So for example, to ‘push’ an environmental agenda will mean we have to forgo economic growth or profits. This is not a sustainable approach. A sustainable approach is a transformational approach, looking at the entire system and giving equal weight to each of the four pillars. Within this difficult decisions need to be made, but these are informed decisions and they are sustainable decisions.

Because sustainability to me is an approach, I integrate it into all my thinking, be it client projects, tackling poaching and wildlife management, or community projects.

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