Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is, at the heart of it, about business growth. All marketing activity needs to be effective, goal oriented and measurable. Digital strategy is not a bolt on activity and the preparation of your strategy has to incorporate the planning and best practice procedures you would apply to all your business planning and marketing activities.

Digital Strategy starts with an anaylsis of your business, objectives, goals, available resources, audiences, competitors and the wider industry. From this policy and strategy documents are compiled to ensure compliance, create reputation management policies, detail tone, language and approach, effectively articulate target audiences, and map out workflows and procedures that enable the digital strategy.

Your Digital Strategy enables your campaigns and your tactical deployment whilst ensuring a sustainable workflow, compliance, effective management and measurement, review procedures, skills development and reputation management procedures.

Some of the elements involved in developing a digital strategy include;

  • Research & Discovery
  • Audience Profiling
  • Industry and Competitor Review
  • Workflow and, Process and Policy Documents
  • Customer Response Strategy
  • Measurement Process

To find out how to build a Digital Strategy that enables rather than restricts and is based upon real, tangible KPI’s, give me a call or email