Do you ever wonder if your social media is effective? We can help you determine its success through our measurement, analysis and reporting services.

Success does not lie in how many Followers you may have on Twitter or how many Likes you have on Facebook. The value is determined by who is paying attention to your brand, engaging with and sharing your content and acting on your calls to action. By monitoring the interactivity, tracking the conversations and measuring against both objectives and hard stats such as click through rates, we can help you understand what is working and what is not..

We use high tech online tools which can track your social media, online activity and conversations. With these tools we can find out who exactly engaged with your social media, on what day, at what time and from where in the world. By measuring the growth and activity of your brand it is then possible to determine the best solutions for improvement.

Examples of where measurement can be useful:

Performance Analysis & Reporting

Our online tools enable us to analyse customer behaviour changes, campaign results and value. Our tools automatically present all digital activity on a global scale through a single portal, giving us a comprehensive view of how our communications are working for you.

Campaign Tracking

We carefully analyse the effect of our campaigns to ensure that we understand the value generated and the behavioural changes that we’ve inspired. This process of continual evaluation enables us to deliver tangible value.