Digital Living

Digital strategy is, at the heart of it, about business growth. All marketing activity needs to be effective, goal oriented and measurable. Digital strategy is not a bolt on activity and the preparation of your strategy has to incorporate the planning and best practice procedures you would apply to all your business planning and marketing activities.


Sustainability is an approach, not a goal. In the interests of balance and continued best practice, a sustainable approach is essential. The most efficient way to change the way we consume is to change the way we produce. In order to change the way we produce we need to ensure the benefits of changing are reaching all four of the pillars

A Correct Mistake

In my early to mid 20’s I spent a few years in the warehouse, sales and distribution department of the family business. It was a great place to learn what hard work is and to connect directly with people on the shop floor, both internally and our clients....

Can Social Media Replace Bad Media?

As a Zimbabwean, and a former publisher, the state of the ‘free press’ in Zimbabwe is disheartening. It is not surprising, just saddening. The complete control and monopoly Zanu-PF still exert over the media ensures their rhetoric and agenda is pushed. This is...

How Social Media has Shaped News – The Mugabe Fiasco

When studying journalism some 25 years ago we used to talk about ‘News induced crime waves.' As a publisher, to create the illusion that the crime of, say, snatching handbags from grannies is on the increase, all you need to do is increase the number of instances you...